WAKIT Homes, Kit Homes WA

Our Specifications

WAKIT homes is part of the Stonevale building group incorporating Construction, engineering, design and development and manufacturing. 

With over 30 years experience in construction we offer clever options to suit your needs. Our innovations simplify construction , save time and money and deliver a high quality home. 

If it’s a speedy build you need go straight to our MODKIT range. You can build these homes in as little as 6 weeks. Cleverly Designed to be built fast by minimising the work and trades required on site.

We have clever options for remote areas and many other options like 2 storey homes built without scaffold or cranes.

Our Options


The ModKit Specification is perfect for those owner builders who want a streamlined approach to building their Kit Home. We supply the kit, you connect the kit, then its ready to use! The ModKit is a fully complete module of your wet and utility areas of your home. The Kitchen, Bathroom, Ensuite and Laundry are supplied and installed. The cabinetry, tiling, waterproofing, plumbing fixtures, electrical prewiring is completed prior to arrival to your site and done in the controlled environment of our factory. Use the ModKit on its own or in conjunction with the Lock Up Kit or Full Kit. The ModKit specification provides ease of construction with a fully complete module ready for connections on site being supplied. This not only allows for a fast installation time but also allows for less trades on site and less worries about supply issues. *exclusions apply


Are you wanting to owner build your dream property but not sure where to start? Then the Full Kit specification could be for you! Supplying you to your site with all the materials that you require to build your Kit Home. The labour, trades, installation and connections are then all organised by you.



Are you looking for a Kit that supplies everything you need for your build up until the point the doors are locked? If it is a yes, then the Lock Up Kit is for you. All the structural elements of your kit are supplied ready for fitting and the final fit out. Refer to the specifications outline for all the details.



If you only require wall and roof frames, then the Frame Kit Specification for you. This specification supplies a set of fully engineered internal and external wall frames and roof frames ready for your construction on site.

Incorporating Construction, Engineering, Design, Development and Manufacturing.